Hi Everyone,

Carlo here. We will be updating this blog frequently. Most of the things I deal with are the business operations and technical directions. We just launched our first Kickstarter for the second installment(Antonio and I spell this word differently) of Silver Creek Falls. So if you can please support us  on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1342768999/silver-creek-falls-chapter-2 .

Kickstarter Screenshot Day 1

Its so cold in the “office”, our uniforms are sometimes not the warmest. Hopefully as the afternoon comes sunlight will aid in warming the spaces.

I spent 2 hours last night trying to weed out the files which were not required for the first release of Silver Creek Falls so we could maintain the smallest installer footprint possible. Looks like I took a file that was needed, because I received a message from one of the people testing/playing the game that a file is missing. So this morning I have been watching desperately to upload a new installer to the various distribution points.

Dropbox Upload Popup


Waiting game for a couple of hours to get some good press/twitter re-tweeting on the business ends of the world .