Last Days of Spring

  We have been working a new project – Last Days of Spring. Its a visual novel centered around a group of high school students in Japan. It is┬átheir last week of school as they come to terms with questions about love, life and destiny. We are hoping to release the game on IPhone, IPad, […]

Chapter Kickstarter Update #1

We would like to thank all our fans for supporting us thus far. After the announcement for funding we are up to $1078 AUD. You guys are all great. We love you all. It really helps re-enforce what we are doing and that we are making such a great story. We hope that we can […]

Greenlight – Day 8, just over 1/3 to Top 100

We are at 34% on Steam Greenlight, however we aren’t getting traffic through voting queues and being advertised on the greenlight new games section. So we have been trying to get some more press coverage and tweeting, all doing as much marketing as we can.

Second Day on Steam

Day 2 and we are still going strong. Hopefully we are getting the buzz we need to get this game greenlit. Kickstarter could be going better. We are currently looking into a new venture involving Zombies and survival. More to follow. We went to Office supplies shop officeworks here in Melbourne to find some more […]